Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ooh La Lah!!!

Its good to be back at Chateau Impney. It didn't seem 5 minutes since I was last there with my collection and what another perfect venue to showcase.

 In I trotted with my baskets and didn't miss the opportunity to grab the manager and pass him my details as I'd love my hats on show in their glass cabinets. (needs must!) after a quick helloo there to everyone we were set to go.

I'm delighted that 2 lovely ladies will be opening one of my hats on Christmas it made my day!!
Can you believe this place nearly shut down a few years ago and was saved by a hotel chain?
I wish it was my home!!

 Till next time


  1. Stunning, both you and this building!! :)

  2. Such a smashing venue and you look fabulous outside it in that incredible suit! I bet those ladies will be thrilled with their gifts! xxx

  3. Gorgeous setting and you look wonderful.x

  4. You certainly look as though you SHOULD be living there, you are quite the Lady of the Manor in your amazing suit and hat, so elegant!
    One of your creations would be a perfect Christmas gift, lucky ladies! xxxx

  5. i just found your blog today and i really love what i see. your personal style i absolutely adorable and your hats are so gorgeous. i will come back, maybe one day i will find my own little hat n your etsy store.