Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Hello Everyone!

I'm ever so excited to show you some exclusive behind the scene photographs of out most recent photo shoots! We have gone photo shoot crazy here at House of Harrie Hattie and have done TWO photo shoots in the past week!

Here's a sneak preview of our locations and hats and some hilarious behind the scene out-take shots!

Our Fist photo shoot of the week was modelled by the lovely Burlesque Dancer, Felicia Noir and fashion blogger and vintage lover Tanya Reynolds.

Check out their pages here!

Felicia and Tanya showing their love for their hats!

Having fun as always! 
Our Photographer over at apple snap studios had enough of us by the end of the shoot! 

We tried something different for the next shoot and found our inner hippy!

Check out the location! You can't get much better than this!

We focused on showing off my Harris Tweed Bows! exciting news as these have NEVER been modeled before, so it was a special day!

It was a long walk up to the field! But sister models Tanya & Sophie kept me entertained!

Tanya Showing us how its done and below- me showing you how not to do it by falling over...

luckily our photographer found the funny side!

We took lots of amazing pictures and luckily didn't get caught by any farmers ;)

Pictures from both photo shoots will be released very soon over on my Facebook page!
 Keep your eyes peeled!

Until Next Time


  1. Fab photos, the photo shoot looks like a hoot! As always your creations are beautiful. Look at you sitting pretty in the cornfield! And oh, Felicia's green satin dress is wonderful! xxxx

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love Tanya and Felicia and can only imagine the fun the three of you had together! xxx