Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hattie On The Road!

It's been a fun packed weekend, my Tweedy hats are popping up everywhere from Carnivals to Vintage. Here I am with one of my besties '' Vix '' aka Vintage Vixen I'm sure all know her!!! looking glamorous as ever in her handmade dress from a curtain, she always looks beautiful and I'm wearing a classic 1960's number complete of course with my matching hat.

(check out her blog here)

Then off to my lovely friends craft carnival, I sooooo wouldn't miss exhibiting here for the world! Raising awareness for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer charity. A fabulous day had by all and lots of money raised yipppeee!! and I got my very own certificate to pop on my bedroom wall!
The crowds flooded in!

And to polish of a successfully eventful weekend, Me and my 17 year old son went to enjoy monsters inc. at the cinema! Despite me being totally knackered and seeing double by this point.
I love him to bits! We are like 2 peas in a pod!

I'm off to recover my mad weekend!
Until next time folks!


  1. Two fairs in a weekend, you are a blinking marvel!
    I loved that frock you wore on Sunday (and so did loads of my friends) and how cute is your son? Peas in a pod indeed!
    Love ya! xxxxx

  2. Vix is such a wonderful woman and inspiration, what fun to be able to market with with her.

    I hope you enjoyed the movie with your son, I hope my children want to see movies with me when they're 17 year old.

    1. Me and Vix have loads of fun Trudie and me and my son will never grow up hehe :) xx

  3. Ha Ha I was pooped!!!, explains my delay on writing my blog. Yep vix he's another me, I hope the world can cope with another :)Xxxx

  4. I was admiring your frock over on Vix' blog, it's a beauty. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog posts. I'm adding you to my blogroll so that I can keep up with your postings :)

  5. Arrh thanks I'm pretty new to blogging and I love it as my collection are getting well known and I wanted people to get to know me a little, I'm learning the ropes with blogging, I'll be adding bloglovin and a list of followers too soon. So big world here i come xxx

  6. Hello gorgeous Hattie!!!
    I am MEGA jealous of you getting to touch the flesh of my greatest fantasy, Vix!!!
    Thank you so much for your sweet and generous comments lately! You are a DOLL!

    1. Ha ha she's fab is Vicky, she's a lovely friend and through my life it's often said I'm like a china doll, I'll have to post lots of pics of me growing up I've always been urrrh different, speak soon my lovely xx

  7. You and Vix look fabulous!
    I'm glad that you have a good and fun relationship with your son. I have lots of fun with my daughters as well (even though there are times that I want to send to another planet for a bit, just for a bit!).

  8. He is my world and my best friend, It's been me and him throughout his life with a couple of boyfriends but we are like I say 2 peas in a pod ;) thanks Ofelia speak soon my lovely xxx

  9. What a wonderful pea-pod the two of you are!
    And well done on your fundraising. Your work really makes a difference.