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Hello World!

Welcome to my blog, my life, my world and for the love of all things tweedy.
From a very young age I was always known for my unique sense of dress, including Harris Tweed and Vivienne Westwood as I still do today. Over years gone by people would often laugh, stare or even desire, the thoughts of inspirational style would always be running through my mind.

My Nan taught me well to rummage through the charity shops, 'fill as much as you can in a carrier bag for £1' (that was back in the 80's I must add).
She always said "If nobody would wear it, you can bet Kerry would!"

So... I thought as ladies match their bags and shoes, I thought to matching my hats, each hat to complete my highland or Harris Tweed. Fast they became an iconic favorite of mine.

Tah Dah!!! Harrie Hattie was born!

"Everyday's a glamour day"


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